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We Need Your Support to Accommodate, Feed and Educate.

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We Need Your Support to Accommodate, Feed and Educate.

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We Need Your Support to Accommodate, Feed and Educate.

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Who We Are

We serve the community by assisting children between the ages of 6-18 years old in becoming productive members of society by instilling positive Spiritual, Cultural, Educational, Vocational and Social values.

Mentoring : Provide one-on-one mentoring relationships for children and youth ages 6-18 from primarily single-parent households.
Educational : Promote academic excellence and provide direction in career planning. ( Each child is "Paired" with a tutor if needed. )
College Bound : Shortly after ... a college fund is started for each child. We match him/her with a sponsor who commits to investing into the life of a child with a minimum of $25 per month. This allows children to have more choices after High School then the usual three: Community College, Military or "Get a Job!!!".
Critical Living : Weekly classes that teach essential laws that promote successful living skills. Children are required to attend weekly meetings in which 15 seperate courses will be taught.
Vocational / Cultural : Several times a year we strive to provide avenues of learned skills toward a professional career. We do this by taking field trips to pique interest and passion in selected professions.

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Our Club Locations

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention


The vast majority of teen pregnancies (at least 82 percent)
are unintended. But research has shown that science-based,
comprehensive sexuality education, contraceptive
access and youth development programs can help
young people make choices that can protect them
from unintended pregnancy.

Teens need youth-friendly services and complete,
accurate information about abstinence, condoms, and
contraception in order to protect from unintended pregnancy.
They also need to envision a future for themselves: one in
which education, employment, and healthy relationships are possible.

Mission Statement

We offer our children the following essentials:
~ Self Confidence & Self Control
~Initiative & Leadership
~Enthusiasm & Accurate thinking
~Concentration & Focus
~Personality & Imagination
~Co-operation & Tolerance
~Habit of doing more than paid for
~and Profiting by Failure